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Welcome to Milton Keynes College

我们自豪地为所有层次和背景的学习者提供开放和包容的教育体验, with over 3,000名16-18岁的学生目前在我们这里学习,学生总数超过8人,000.

We offer a broad variety of qualifications, including vocational courses, apprenticeships, higher education, 专业证书以及就业技能和社区培训. 该学院也是全国监狱教育服务的提供者.

About Milton Keynes College

We operate from two main campuses across Milton Keynes and Bl等hley, the details of which can be found 在这里. 我们欢迎那些想要学习和提高的人,我们专注于满足个人需求. 学院是城市经济愿景和社区战略的核心, in addition to being a major employer with over 1,000 members of staff.

我们的唯一目标是成为全国最好的普通继续教育学院,为所有学习者提供最高质量的教育. Our vision of success is at the heart of all we do. 在巴黎人贵宾会官方,我们努力让所有走进我们的大门的人牢记这一点.

我们与更广泛的社区和当地企业建立并培育强有力的伙伴关系,以使米尔顿·凯恩斯学院成为一个安全的学校, innovative and inspiring place to learn in and work with.

Our values

We believe these things individually and as a group. They guide our day-to-day decision making. This is how we set out to achieve them:

To inspire – w在这里 everyone motivates, engages, challenges, and str等hes each other
To strive for excellence 在这里,每个人都认识到自己的潜力,并成为最好的自己
To demonstrate integrity 在这里,每个人都承诺在我们所做的一切中保持开放,诚实,做正确的事情
To show respect – w在这里 we listen, consider the views of others and value everyone
To innovate 在这里,围绕人、产品和流程产生新的想法和想法.

College performance

唯一的出路就是学院在2017年英国教育标准局的检查中取得了2级(好)成绩. We’re incredibly proud of this result and the staff that made it possible. With a lot of exciting upcoming projects, such as the bid to co-create an Institute of Technology at Bl等hley Park, 并与许多有声望的雇主和企业合作, we are looking forward to the future with our heads held high.

All education institutions have to be inspected by Ofsted. 这是为了确保我们在做自己的工作,确保学生得到供养, receive top rate education and feel safe in our environment. Ofsted的报告特别赞扬了自上一份报告以来所取得的快速而持续的进展.

“Leaders, 经理和总监在建立持续改进的文化方面取得了迅速的进展. They have communicated this very successfully to staff and as a result, staff across the college, are enthusiastic and apply the improvement strategies effectively to their work.” – Ofsted.

A team of ten inspectors observed the way we work as a College, including sitting in on a range of classes and college activities. 他们会见了学生、雇主和利益相关者,并对他们的发现印象深刻. 他们重视高质量和有意义的外部工作经验和丰富活动. 他们指出,“学生的进步是一个特别的优势”,有额外的资格证书可以提高工作技能.

学徒制条款尤其因其对成年人的工作而受到认可. 报告中写道:“学徒们对自己的工作感到自豪,可以积极地谈论自己正在发展的技能, 并注意到成人的成就高于全国类似提供者的成就。”.

Dr Julie Mills, Principal and Chief Executive of Milton Keynes College, 他说:“我为学院中每一个为这一巨大成就做出贡献的人感到骄傲,也为我们继续成为全国最好的普通继续教育学院的雄心感到骄傲.

“T在这里 are over 8,000 students and apprentices enrolled at Milton Keynes College, in a wide range of post-16 education and training, including 16 to 19 years study programmes in a variety of vocational areas, adult learning programmes and apprenticeships. 我们的核心使命是“通过学习改变生活”,从这份报告的反馈中可以清楚地看到,我们正在成功地实现这一目标.”

See 在这里 for a further in-depth review and report of how we perform as a College.